We can pack, wrap and post any number of bags to any addresses in the UK. Send a bag to a friend or loved-one, or Sponsor a bag to send to a patient - anonymously or with your name.

Twice as nice? Buy a bag for a loved one and then maybe sponsor one for a stranger...

Suggest some new products for the bags

Suggest some new products for the bags

Host a coffee morning 

Request a bag for your partner

Organise sponsored morris dancing

Email us some new suggestions

Take your friend's dog for a walk

Make a donation (thank you!)

Set up a monthly


Have a sponsored 'bad hair day' at school

Suggest a friend who needs a bag

Charge your friends to come for lunch

Stay in on a Friday night and donate the saving

Donate your pocket money

Let us know if you want to include your products in our bags

Help us stuff some bags full of goodies

Suggest some new products for the bags

Send us your fresh ideas

Donate half a day's wages

Clean next door's car

Have a car boot sale in your street

"My Treatment Bag was an anonymously sponsored bag - thank you whoever sent it - the kindness of strangers!"