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Treatment Bag is a non-profit charity dedicated to patients having treatment for cancer. We are incredibly lucky to have a group of talented volunteers who work for free - from sourcing products to wrapping gifts and packing bags, to creating our financial accounts and helping with PR.

Our story began when one of our trustees was in hospital having chemotherapy. In walked a fruit farmer laden with carrier bags full of apples. A man of few words, he walked round the room and silently handed a bag to each patient before settling down for his own treatment. The atmosphere in the room was transformed as everyone felt the support, love and hope from this act of kindness. We want every patient to feel that, whether they receive a bag at home sent by family, friend or colleague via our website or if they receive one of our smaller bags in the hospitals we support in the South West.

Behind the scenes:


Running the charity just wouldn't be possible without the amazing support of all the Treatment Bag volunteers. They really are a special bunch.


The dedicated trustees are an email away, and would be thrilled to hear from you, so please don't hesitate to contact them at:


"I can’t begin to tell you how much I LOVED helping out last week with such a fabulous concept and would love to help anytime!!"


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