The Original Bag

Our Original Bags contain luxurious goodies such as these:

(bags include a selection of the gorgeous gifts below - sometimes one or two items might be substituted)


Many patients are 'exhausted, but can't sleep' - this beautiful, natural essence helps to combat this horrible side-effect of treatment.

A gorgeous mug for your well-deserved cup of tea - wrap your hands around one of these beauties and put your feet up.

For delicate, red, sore skin, a soothing, 100% organic balm. Rich in anti-inflammatory Calendula and damask rose oil.

We have a whole range of beautiful, natural products from Bramley - all a gentle antidote to the ravages of treatment.

Chemotherapy patients often complain of being chilly - this soft cashmere-mix hat should help.


Every patient deserves a healthy treat and what could be better than organic chocolate!


Sometimes you just need to sit down with a lovely cup of tea - you really do deserve it.

A glorious soothing body wash - gently scented to be kind to super-sensitive noses during therapy.

fmty copy.jpg

Each bag contains a letter of uplifting news and good wishes from an anonymous stranger via the wonderful cancer charity 'From Me To You'. 


'Like spraying soft, soothing cashmere onto your face' is how one recipient described this.

This beautifully silky-soft unisex scarf is like having a warm hug from an old friend.


This gorgeous lip balm is so perfect for the bags, it could almost have been made especially for us.