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By submitting the Art on a Postcard form the artist agrees to the following:


The artist agrees to accept printed material via Royal Mail from Treatment Bag CIO in relation to the Pick a Postcard online auction.

Treatment Bag might also email the artist in relation to the Pick a Postcard campaign.


Treatment Bag will never share the artist's contact details with any third party unless legally obliged to do so.

Treatment Bag CIO reserves the right to use the artist's name in marketing material for the Pick a Postcard auction.


The artist will endeavour to create an artwork on the postcard and return it to Treatment Bag CIO in the pre-paid addressed envelope provided.


The artist donates for free the artwork to Treatment Bag CIO which will be signed by and attributed to the artist, on the understanding that Treatment Bag CIO will offer it to bidders initially anonymously in an online auction.


All net proceeds from the auction will be used by Treatment Bag CIO to go towards more Treatment Bags for cancer patients.


Starting bids are at the discretion of Treatment Bag CIO.


Artworks are offered at the auction with no reserve.


Unsold artworks will be stored by Treatment Bag CIO for future fundraising campaigns.

The artist confirms that the work is their own and permits Treatment Bag CIO to feature it visually as part of the online auction and on all marketing channels when promoting the online auction.


The artist retains copyright of the images created. All other rights over the artwork are transferred to the highest bidder on completion of the auction.


Pick a Postcard Campaign
Terms and Conditions for Artists

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